Frequently Asked Questions

Official Youth Academy of Villarreal CF

Who is ISAA?

The International Soccer Academy of America is the first in-person high school in the United States targeted toward soccer players and accredited by its state Department of Education. Our students are provided with a high quality, in-person high school education and a collegiate/professional soccer preparatory experience.

Where is ISAA?

ISAA is located at 205 W Edison Rd. Mishawaka, IN 46545.

What Is The Cost?

Tuition varies depending on domestic/international status and family income. Current domestic tuition is 10% of annual family income, with a cap of $29,900.

Current international tuition is $29,900. Any opportunities to provide scholarships to international students will be reviewed by ISAA’s Executive Director, Administrative Staff, & Board of Directors.

2024-25 enrollment will be capped at 40 domestic students and 10 international students. The 10 international students with the strongest credentials, including academic ability, soccer skill, and financial aid and supporting documents are considered.

Who Does ISAA Play?

ISAA plays colleges and universities in the fall, indoor leagues in the winter, and in club tournaments in the spring. This enables ISAA student-athletes the best of the best regarding competition and college offers. ISAA does not play in the Indiana High School Athletic Association nor is it a member of Indiana Soccer. ISAA is a private, unaffiliated academy, which allows it to face any team, anywhere, anytime.

What is ISAA’s affiliation with Villarreal CF?

ISAA is an official youth academy of Villarreal CF of Spain’s “La Liga.” ISAA sends an average of four students each year (no maximum) – at Director Hunt’s discretion – to Villarreal CF to train with the technical staff and age-appropriate team. Two students are selected at zero additional cost to them.

For the two students not selected for free, the trip is still available to all ISAA students. The cost for the 1-week trip, including all flights and soccer at Villarreal CF, as well as food and housing off the Mediterranean Sea, is $3200. Students also have a behind-the-scenes tour, attend a match (if the squad is in action), and train at Villarreal’s home facilities.

Take a Tour

The best way to get a feel for ISAA is by taking a tour of campus, meeting our students, and seeing for yourself what makes ISAA so special.