America's First Soccer High School

The International Soccer Academy of America is the first in-person high school in the United States targeted toward soccer players.

Earn a Diploma

 Our students get a high school diploma while preparing themselves for collegiate academics and/or soccer, or potentially a path to the pros.

Prepare Mentally

ISAA implements a mindfulness curriculum, a class each day where students focus on the mental side of their soccer performance, which includes meditation, yoga, and more.

Play Soccer

We play in regional scrimmages and tournaments, as well as in leagues and tournaments around the country.

ISAA Provides Students a Path to the Pros

Two Students Fly to Spain

A minimum of two students are sent to Villarreal, Spain for a week each year, all expenses paid, on behalf of ISAA/Villarreal Indiana to test their skills with Villarreal’s finest academy products.

Play Against Collegiate Teams

To prepare students for collegiate soccer, ISAA takes three monthly trips to colleges and universities, all expenses paid, to scrimmage against their reserves team. ISAA students also spend the next day touring the college or university to prepare for college life.

Play for Villarreal Indiana

Our academy soccer team goes by the name Villarreal Indiana. We are partnered with Villarreal CF and our fellow Villarreal sister academies in Nebraska and around the world, and proudly wear the Yellow Submarine kits.

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