Sponsorship Opportunities

At ISAA, our tuition is based on a sliding scale dependent on each family’s gross income. This means your sponsorship dollars are used to help those who need it the most!

Title Sponsors

Premier1 Available Diamond1 Available Platinum1 Available Gold5 Available SilverUnlimited BronzeUnlimited
$150,000 3yrs $75,000 3yrs $60,000 3 yrs $45,000 3 yrs $30,000 1 yr $10,000 1 yr
Naming Rights School Gymnasium Film Room Classroom
Company logo next to ISAA logo on all promotional backdrops
Company logo on jersey Sleeve Back Back Back
Company logo on front of warmup
Plaque in ISAA welcome center
Company logo on ISAA website sponsor page
Student scholarships named after the sponsoring company 5 3 3 2 2 1
Social media posts Each Scholarship Each Scholarship Each Scholarship 4 per Year 3 per Year 1 per Year

Friends of ISAA

$5,000 1 yr $2,500 1 yr $1,000 1 yr
Plaque in ISAA welcome center
Company logo on ISAA website sponsor page
Social media posts 1 per Year

Get in Touch

For more information on sponsorships or if you’d like to donate to help our students contact:

Founder, Executive Director
Head Soccer Coach

Current Sponsors

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SGO Donations

International Soccer Academy of America partners with the Institute for Quality Education, a scholarship granting organization’s (SGO) which allow donors to make gifts to International Soccer Academy of America that directly benefits our scholarship fund.  A Scholarship Tax Credit is available to individuals or corporations who donate to a SGO for the purpose of supporting students by scholarships. In addition to supporting students by giving them access to a high-quality education they may not have received otherwise; Indiana donors receive a state tax credit of 50% of their donation amount.


  • There is no limit or minimum on the size of the contribution. However, the tax credit amount cannot exceed the state tax liability for the current year.  (On July 1, 2022, Indiana allocated $18.5 million in tax credits for SGOs to offer individuals or businesses as an incentive to help raise funds for scholarships. To see how many tax credits are still available click here!)
  • Student recipients must meet certain family income levels to qualify for a SGO scholarship.
  • Donors can carryover unused tax credits for up to nine (9) years. 


For more information, visit Institute for Quality Education website.


How does it work?  

·        Instead of donating directly to the school, you give a gift to the Institute for Quality Education (IQE), designating International Soccer Academy of America, to be used for tuition assistance for our qualifying families.


SGO gifts can be made by check (payable to the Institute for Quality Education), stock or credit card.  To initiate a stock gift or make a credit card gift please click on this link